Why You're Not Losing Weight

Why You’re Not Losing Weight

If you’ve ever been on a weight loss journey, you know how frustrating it can be to not know why you’re not losing weight. To make matters worse, you’ll find a different reason, or better yet, a magic “fix” everywhere you look. But oftentimes, it’s not as complicated as everyone would make you think…

As a registered dietitian who has worked with hundreds of women struggling to lose weight, there’s one complication I see among a large number of women.

Any guesses?

If you guessed eating as little as possible with an occasional (actually, change that to frequent) dose of overindulgence and overeating to make up for starving, you guessed right! 

Yes, we do need a calorie deficit in order to achieve weight loss. But have you ever thought about what happens when you try to eat too low of calories, skip out on meals, and have a poor balance of nutrients? Or maybe you know from experience. Tell me, does this or something similar sound like a typical day for you?

Breakfast: coffee

Lunch: avocado toast

Snack: coffee

Dinner: burrito bowl, guac, chips, 2 glasses of wine, bowl of ice cream

If this looks like a normal day for you, that’s why you’re not losing weight.

Girl, where’s the protein?! Where’s the fiber?! Come on, I know you’re busy. But how is your body or mind supposed to feel good and perform it’s best under these conditions? That’s like expecting a Taylor Swift performance with a middle school talent show budget!  

This day of eating is lacking actual meals. It’s lacking foods that contain fiber, protein, and color which inevitably leads to overeating at dinner and therefore ruining any type of calorie deficit. 

But let’s take it a step further…

You can’t possibly sustain this type of eating pattern very long. And if what you’re doing isn’t sustainable, you can’t stay consistent. And if you can’t stay consistent (see where this is going yet?), you can’t stay in a calorie deficit long enough to see any results. Because after all, your body is pretty smart and it’s going to CRAVE the energy it needs sooner or later.  

And one step further…

Have you ever considered what eating too little does for your stress, sleep, energy, hormones, digestion, or blood sugar? It’s totally okay if you’ve never thought that far because most women haven’t. We’ve always been told to just “eat less and exercise more”. But the truth is that all of those things are SO IMPORTANT for weight loss, and more importantly good health! Yes, it comes down to a calorie deficit. But if you’re super stressed, that’s going to increase your cravings making a calorie deficit that much harder. Same thing if your hormones are out of wack or you aren’t sleeping well. Everything is intertwined so you can’t only focus on eating as little as possible and then wonder why you aren’t losing weight.  

When you fuel your body well and get the nutrients you need to feel full and energized, that’s when healthy and sustainable weight loss occurs!

If weight loss is your goal, I want you to start challenging yourself to focus on giving your body what it NEEDS. I want you to challenge yourself to stop only trying to eat as little as possible all day. If you start doing those things, watch what happens with your aesthetic results. Not to mention your health and happiness!

In the Busy Gal Nutrition coaching program, we help you achieve a HEALTHY calorie deficit by eating MORE protein, fiber, and color throughout the day. We help you achieve your weight loss goals WITHOUT skipping meals or missing out on your favorite foods. Now that sounds like a plan I would want to stick with! 😉

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