At Busy Gal Nutrition, we believe YOU are the expert on you. Every person we have the privilege of working with has unique goals and needs. Check out some of our Busy Gal testimonials below, and if you’re ready to write your own success story, learn more about coaching here or apply to the Busy Gal Nutrition coaching program here!

Last week I reached my goal weight with 28 lbs. GONE in 5 months! My previous "diets" consisted of severely cutting or eliminating carbs. But...I LOVE potatoes and bread and felt deprived. Low fat plans never worked. I enrolled in the Busy Gal Blueprint Course, which is self-paced. I recorded progress, made notes in my journal on healthy tips from each course module. I made changes in my daily eating and drinking habits. I set and measured goals, began to think of food as "fuel" for my body, and I learned about serving sizes, macronutrients and mistakes to avoid.  I am now confident that I can maintain my goal weight, because I am well-educated on how to proceed. I have a huge sense of accomplishment! My energy level is off-the-charts, and I feel well. This sound and practical nutritional program is helping people achieve their goals.
busy gal nutrition testimonial
I've lost 3.2" off my midsection alone. My confidence has increased. My once "tight" clothes are loose, and I'm excited to shop for clothes again. I have more energy, I sleep better, and most importantly my mindset has completely shifted. I no longer deem foods as "good" or "bad" which means no more shame around eating things I love. Everything is just night and day from where I was before I met Laura. If you have a goal to lose weight, change/improve your relationship with food, or want to learn how to fuel your body specific to you, working with Busy Gal Nutrition is a no-brainer.
busy gal nutrition testimonial
I'm back to my pre baby size which I didn't think was possible. I have tons of energy all day and have been loving shopping for new clothes for the first time since my twenties! I've calorie counted before and have constantly tried going "low carb," keto, and other fad diets; nothing worked and none of it was fun or sustainable for a total foodie. When Laura told me to eat more carbs, I thought she was nuts! I started eating a more balanced diet, including more healthy carbs with every meal AND more snacks. My biggest "aha" moment was that I was eating more each day, enjoying a variety of foods, and not only did I lose weight but my energy improved immediately - making me a better mom, employee and person in general. I never connected the dots between what you eat and how you feel physically and mentally. DO IT - it will be the best decision you make for yourself.
busy gal nutrition testimonial
My energy and performance at derby practice has been so much better than it was before I started! Everything was really personalized. I felt like a priority, and I felt comfortable with Laura throughout the program. one of my favorite results I wasn't anticipating was gaining better ways to manage my stress. I'm fueling my body with good things while still having a life and eating what I like, too. I am so happy with the program and all of the wonderful advice and support I received from Laura! I definitely feel better equipped to nourish my body and to manage my stress.
If you’re a perpetual dieter that just wants to find a routine to clear up your constant worrying about food and internal conflicts with it, this program is for you. I needed a way to keep my body fueled without doing mental gymnastics at every meal to decide what to eat, and this program gave me exactly that. I cannot recommend Busy Gal Nutrition and Leah Ruth enough. My mid-afternoon slump is gone, and my confidence with myself, my body, and my decisions has improved so much. My mental clarity has never been better, because my headspace feels so much clearer without always worrying about food.
Im feeling more physically confident than ever. I used to hit the 3pm wall every day, but I’ve been fueling my body properly and I have way more energy now. I’ve been sleeping better too. I have a solid morning and night routine to help keep my stress levels down, and my overall approach and outlook on life has done a complete 180. I’m doing lower impact workouts 3 days a week and getting outside more to walk and soak up some sunshine. I quit my high stress job and found an even better opportunity. I just have a super positive outlook on life these days. Laura and I mostly focused on nutrition and stress control, but this ended up touching every corner of my life. If you grew up in the early 2000s diet culture and feel like you’re lost and hopeless and you’re afraid of mirrors and 3 meals a day, do yourself a favor to unlearn the misinformation and learn the facts from someone who went to school for nutrition and knows what she’s talking about. You’re not broken. Carbs are GOOD for you. There are no magic pills or secrets. Busy Gal Nutrition will take you back to the basics and arm you with the ability to make good decisions for yourself going forward.
I haven't had to give up my favorite foods, cut out desserts, or give up going out to eat. Busy Gal Nutrition has given me the tools I need to succeed even after the program. They are a great group of encouraging coaches who really want you to succeed. It's never felt like a diet to me because it's not! It's a lifestyle change that anyone can achieve. My weight fluctuated between 5-10 lbs before I started. I had little energy due to my low blood sugar episodes. My confidence was low as I was always down on myself about being bloated or gaining weight. Now, I've lost a couple pounds and my weight only fluctuates about 1-2 lbs. I haven't had issues with my blood sugar in weeks! I also feel more confident and proud of myself for making my health a priority.
it’s worth it to actually get true information about health and how your body works instead of all the BS you hear from every other diet book, or influencer, or whatever. For once I felt like I was not being lied to. When I hit 10 lbs. down that’s when the lightbulb went off that it was really working. I feel more confident because I have more knowledge of how it all actually works and how eating certain ways feels in my body
I decided to get nutrition coaching from Busy Gal Nutrition when I had people I follow on Instagram posting about it and the success that they've had thus far. I was on the edge of whether to follow through as it is a little pricey however I tried to see it as an investment in myself not only now, but to have this knowledge in the future as well. As for weight I'm down almost 20lbs!! Which is definitely crazy to see that number going down, although I will say very slow as it's been about 5 months however everyone's journey is different and I didn't dive in head first right away. As for then confidence I have noticed wearing things that I never would normally wear, especially when I was on vacation at the beach too. I would say if you are considering seeking out Busy Gal Nutrition, you should go for it if you want to make sustainable habits that you can implement now and in the future. I went into this because I wanted to figure out if fixing my nutrition can at least improve my migraines and it has. I also went into this as a healthcare provider myself and wanting to be a better role model for my patients and to be a healthier me in case I ever do want to have kids in the future as well.
I can definitely tell a difference in my weight and how my clothes fit. I have more confidence in some clothing that I didn't have before I started this program. I feel that days that I am working I have more energy due to me fueling my body with nutritious foods instead of food that make me feel sluggish and sleepy. I would recommend the Busy Gal nutrition coaching program to any and everyone. I LOVE that I can text or send a picture of what I am eating and receive feedback in a timely manner. I like to do that for accountability which is what I need.

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