How to Reach Your Health and Fitness Goals This Summer

Do you get nervous about summer trips and events you have planned while you’re trying to lose or maintain weight? You’re not alone! But I’m going to teach you to how to reach your health and fitness goals this summer without missing out on all of the fun!

Summer is the time for hanging out with friends and family, lake weekends, pool days, and cookouts with tons of yummy food and drinks! But every year I have a client or two who fears the summer because they’re worried about their weight loss goals, or maintaining the weight they’ve already lost. And while I totally understand where they’re coming from, I’m on a mission to end this fear for all women who are working on their health and fitness goals. But let me start by telling you why…

Think of the number of summers you’re going to experience for the rest of your life. Quite a few right? Or think about the number of pool days, lake weekends, and family cookouts that you’ll go to in your lifetime. Hopefully lots!

These things are a part of life, and they’re parts that you should do your best to truly ENJOY!

So instead of avoiding social activities and travel, let’s figure out your strategy for ENJOYING your time while also being mindful of your habits!

Here are some tips I talk about with my clients who struggle to figure out how to reach their health and fitness goals this summer:

1️⃣ First things first, you don’t need to explain your eating choices to anyone unless you want to! SO MANY ladies I’ve worked with worry about what their friends and family will think of them skipping a dessert or saying no to another drink. But here’s the thing: we’re much more conscious of our own actions than others are. They probably won’t even notice. And if they do, that probably says more about them than you…

how to reach your health and fitness goals this summer

2️⃣ Use feeling GOOD as your north star. If you think one more drink or one more slice of pizza will push you over the edge and make you feel physically bad…listen to your body’s cues! This one can definitely take some practice, but it can help you to make those intentional food decisions. And this is a helpful tool to have in your pocket no matter what time of year!

3️⃣ Think of what you LOVE vs what you only kind of like. I like to call this one “being snobby” with food and drinks. Usually in social situations, we’re surrounded by foods and drinks we wouldn’t normally have. It’s easy to eat things you don’t even actually like that much! If you get to know what you LOVE and prioritize that, it can help you avoid mindless calories that don’t even bring you joy.

Keep those 3 things in mind this summer, and I promise you’ll be setting yourself up for success. Not to mention a lot less stress 😉

So what do you say! Let’s make this the summer that we maintain healthy habits while still having FUN rather than being all or nothing 💃🏼

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