Personalized nutrition coaching

Attention: Women that have struggled to lose weight that are sick and tired of restrictive and unrealistic diets!

Do you want to lose weight and keep it off for good while actually enjoying your life? We’re going to eat for the rest of our lives, so you need a program you can do for the rest of your life! The Busy Gal Nutrition program is all about connecting accurate nutrition knowledge with real-life application for lifelong success. When you work with us, we will make sure you have the knowledge and the accountability to achieve your weight loss goals and NEVER have to diet again.

First, watch this video if you're ready to make massive change in your confidence, energy, and health!

Here at Busy Gal Nutrition, we want YOU to stop dieting! We are a team of registered dietitians and we work with busy women all over the country to help them reach their weight loss goals safely and sustainably without giving up their favorite foods, and by transforming how they view food and dieting as a whole.

We don’t do short-term fixes. We don’t do pre-made meal plans. We won’t ever ask you to give up your favorite things. Why? Because studies show these weight-loss strategies can help momentarily, but they don’t produce LASTING results. The program we create with you fits YOUR lifestyle. We will partner together to reach your goals while fitting in everything you love and need. We’ll navigate holidays, travel, social life, stress, picky family, crazy work schedule, and actually enjoying your food!

I reached out to Busy Gal Nutrition when I had a wedding coming up and I needed to shed some pounds to fit into my bridesmaids dress. By the end of our journey together, I not only fit into the bridesmaids dress… I had to get it taken in by a seamstress! I had full confidence the day of the wedding and still today because of Busy Gal Nutrition. The biggest thing I struggled with before working with Laura was portion sizes. She starts out the program teaching you a simple “build your plate” method, then week after week you learn more about the nutrients your body needs. I went from knowing very little about proteins, carbs & fats to feeling confident when eating out or choosing what to put on my plate at family meals. To anyone on the fence about reaching out to Laura for nutrition coaching, know that she is an encourager who is basically your cheerleader along the way. She is positive & supportive and wants to see you reach your goals… just like I did!

Before starting the program, I was a completely different person. I was chronically fatigued and I used to have to take naps on my lunch breaks just to get through the day. I was constantly bloated and experiencing IBS flares that kept me in bed or at home frequently. I would go through cycles of undereating and overeating and never could stick to anything. I would try and fail at different fitness goals because I could not see any progress and felt like it put more stress on my body. I was miserable.

After 7 months of working with Leah Ruth and the Busy Gal Nutrition program, I wake up with energy every day without needing caffeine. I have stable energy throughout the day and am able to work at my high stress job and still manage to go to the gym. I understand and fuel my body correctly now and it has made all the difference in the world. I know how to balance my meals when cooking or eating out. I do not have as many IBS flare ups because I can determine and predict the episodes and try to prevent them. This knowledge has saved me so much stress/mental and physical pain.

I have always felt embarrassed to talk about my weight struggles and disordered eating, but right off the bat Leah Ruth made me feel so comfortable. She pushed me and supported me when I needed it most and continued to remind me of my progress even when I didn’t see it. I am so proud to have been a part of this program and my life has truly been changed because of it.
Melissa F
Melissa F

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Get everything you need to get started on your weight loss journey for the last time!

I have spent the last 6 months working with Leah Ruth. To me one of my biggest accomplishments was my mindset shift. I am going into my 49th year and I stopped and realized I have been chasing that number on the scale for almost 30 years! What a waste of time! I now chase health, overall wellness - mentally and physically, longevity and the desire to thrive in midlife. The work with Leah Ruth helped me understand how to fuel my body properly. It helped me stop the under-eating cycle I was in and restore my metabolism and balance my hormones. These are all huge wins. Before I worked with her I was doing yet another round of one of the most popular diet plans and suffering from severe fatigue like needing to lay on my office floor midday unable to go on, hormonal headaches for days, night sweats, weird shaking in my hand, digestive issues, etc. I thought I was eating healthy. Turns out I was not fueling myself well at all. Now I understand what my body needs and when I fuel it properly along with my consistent movement I thrive. I no longer need to lay on my floor in the afternoon, I rarely have a hormonal headache, my cycle and perimenopause symptoms are very minimal, and my digestion is near perfect. Nutrition and movement are key for me to thrive. These are things I focused on learning as much as possible from Leah Ruth. Her knowledge and support has given me new freedom in my life without the stresses of good and bad foods. I am forever grateful to her.
I was so tired of crash dietiting and knew I needed to get serious about adopting a healthier lifestyle. Before working with Laura, I was always hungry and tired and never got to eat any of my favorite foods because I was “dieting.” I’m picky, and I find most healthy foods gross!! But Laura showed me yummy protein foods and tricks for sneaking in vegetables! Before joining the program, I was skeptical because nothing I had tried in the past worked and it’s hard for me to try new things. But after being in the program for just one month, I was shocked that my measurements were smaller and I was down 7 lbs. Now I’m down 13 lbs total and maintaining my weight loss, but I also have SO much more energy throughout the day and feel more confident about myself. If you commit to the program, you WILL see results!
Caitlin testimonial picture
Caitlin A.

The busy gal nutrition coaching program was designed to help busy women just like you who:

  • Don’t know how to get started on your weight loss journey? We will partner together step-by-step and we will walk alongside you, providing you with all the tools you need to succeed!
  • Don’t know what to prioritize or feeling overwhelmed? Instead of changing everything all at once, this program will get you started with what truly matters and break everything down into realistic steps
  • Don’t know how to plan the week or the day for your goals? In this program, we’ll talk about how to plan for date night, work dinners, travel, and more in addition to your day-to- day meals and snacks 
  • Don’t know what will truly get results? We’ll measure success in many ways so that you always feel like you are moving forward and we’ll talk about the science behind the goals you set for yourself so you feel confident!
  • Don’t know how to lose weight without a diet or meal plan? We’re going to walk you through setting calorie and macronutrient goals that plan for your favorite foods. We’ll discuss how to take what you are already doing and make small changes over time. No meal plan needed, but we will cover a LOT of fun recipe and meal ideas to try! NO boring food!
  • Hate wasting time and feeling miserable trying and failing at diets? We will cover potential obstacles and struggles in your journey upfront so that we can prepare for them, but we’ll also make sure this is something that truly works for YOU so this is the LAST time you ever start a weight loss journey

Did I mention this is all online-based? Perfect for the busy woman on the go!

Prior to working with Laura I was struggling with dieting as a whole. Years ago I struggled with an eating disorder, and recently I completed a completely different diet program which made me gain 15 pounds. I was very discouraged and I thought that my metabolism was broken. Nothing I did worked for me. I realized it was time to reach out to a professional for some help before my wedding. Since working with Laura I have lost 20 pounds and I feel GREAT! She broke things down into small steps and encouraged me every step of the way. I didn’t and still don’t feel like I’m dieting. I now know how to manage my weight for a lifetime the RIGHT way. I enjoy my favorite foods and I never feel restricted, which is what I’m most proud of. If you’re thinking about joining Laura I would tell you to just go ahead and learn from the professionals, because there is so much false information out there and it’s really not as hard as everyone makes it!

Lifestyle change takes time. We can conquer this together. Ready for long-term, sustainable weight loss? We'd love to work with you to achieve your goals. Here's how it works and what's included:

1:1 Virtual nutrition coaching

You will be matched with a coach that is the perfect fit for you to guide you through your journey and be there every step of the way! Read more about our coaches here!

Behavioral and macro-based nutrition education: This is the foundation! We’ll discuss in-depth your personal nutrition needs and the behaviors we need to work on to help you succeed. We’ll build a plan from there to make sure you have a very clear-cut roadmap to success. 

Meal planning help for individuals and families: We don’t do pre-written meal plans, but we DO help you with a lot of recipes that we know you’ll love! Don’t cook? No worries! We will also help you navigate ordering takeout, eating at restaurants, or prepping very easy meals at home.

Troubleshooting barriers (you’re going to have them!) such as vacations, travel for work, holidays, family reunions, etc: We’ll make sure you know exactly how to enjoy all the best moments in life while maintaining your progress. From enjoying cocktails, work lunches, or a cruise around the world- you’ll be well-prepared to live life AND reach your goals.

Motivation and accountability: Changing habits can be challenging- it doesn’t always come naturally. We’re here to empower you! We will get to know how YOU respond to different coaching techniques and how you would like to be held accountable. We use a secure online platform to track your goals and progress, as well as communicate with you to provide extra support. You’ll also have access to our full community of like-minded women that are ready to cheer you on!

If this sounds like the nutrition program you're looking for, schedule your free strategy call by clicking the "Get Started!" button below and then fill out the application!

*Please note that we are not able to accept insurance for 1:1 nutrition coaching at this time