First Steps if You’re Bloated All the Time

If you struggle with uncomfortable bloating, don’t automatically assume it’s some complicated issue that can’t be addressed on your own. There are actually some common causes and first steps you can take if you’re bloated all the time.

Bloating has got to be one of the most uncomfortable digestive issues that a ton of us face. In fact, this study showed that nearly 1 in 7 Americans struggle with serious bloating at least once a week. That’s a lot!

Ladies come to me for help with bloating all the time, feeling hopeless and on the last straw before giving up. Sometimes there is a deeper reason as to why they struggle with bloating that needs further exploration. BUT, a lot of times it’s common causes that are relatively easy to address with a little help!

Here at Busy Gal Nutrition, we’re all about helping ladies build a solid nutrition foundation and getting to the root cause before even considering extremes. So before you skip to buying that expensive food sensitivity test or fancy supplement you saw online that promises to fix your bloating once and for all, consider these common causes!

  • Skipping Meals: Yup, I’m looking at a lot of you busy women out there reading this right now. 👀 It shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that our bodies function best on a schedule and when they are fed enough. If you’re eating at erratic times, or sometimes not at all *gasp*, then digestion can slow down and cause bloating.
  • Cutting High Fiber Carbs: Have you been cutting carbs because you were told they cause weight gain? That could be causing you more issues with bloating! Fiber is FAB for our digestion, and fiber mainly comes from carb sources! And no, carbs do not cause weight gain (check out some crazy carb myths here). If you’re not eating enough carbs, your digestion could slow down due to inadequate fiber. This leads to bloating. If this is something you know you struggle with, check out some of my FAV carbs in this post!
  • Too Much Saturated Fat: This is a common one that we see with ladies in the Busy Gal Nutrition coaching program. Our bodies break down fat slower than the other macronutrients. Saturated fat can be especially slow to break down. If you’re eating meals high in saturated fat on the reg, this might be a cause of bloating and discomfort for you!
  • Dehydration: Our bodies need a lot of water for pretty much every single function they carry out. But without enough fluids, we can’t expect our digestion to be on point. All fluids count, but keep in mind that water is always going to be my #1 fluid recommendation!
  • Sitting All Day: Gravity helps digestion and blood flow. Standing/stretching/walking more throughout the day can make you feel better in soooo many ways, including decreased bloating! It also helps with reduced stress levels, mood, and so much more-but that’s a conversation for a different day 😉 Try setting a timer to get up or stretch every hour during your work day. Or set aside some time each day specifically for a walk for a mood and digestion boost!

Remember, getting to the root cause should always be the first priority. So I truly hope this helps you better understand what may be causing you to bloat, and some first steps to take to address it.  

Are you dying to reduce bloating and feel better so you can focus on what really matters, but need one-on-one help and accountability tailored to your busy life? Remember that you can always find a more personalized approach through nutrition coaching! If you are ready to learn about how nutrition coaching can help you reach your goals, apply here to hop on a free strategy call!  We will discuss your goals and needs, and how coaching may be the missing key to your success!

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