How to Lose Weight on Summer Vacation

Think it’s impossible to reach your weight loss goals on vacation? Think again!!! In my nutrition coaching program, I teach you how to eat real food and lose weight, anytime and anywhere. BUT it’s extra helpful to have a few tools in your suitcase 😎 Read my list below for simple steps to lose weight on your summer vacation!

Often clients get nervous before their first trip while they are on a weight loss journey. It can feel like things are out of your control, and the fear of failure creeps in. Here are a few things I suggest my clients pack and focus on while on vacation to ensure their weight loss success.

1. Bring your reusable water bottle!!! This is so important to keep you hydrated and making sure you stay on top of your water goals, ESPECIALLY if you plan to have a few cocktails during your trip. It’s so easy to forget to drink water when you’re out of your normal routine. I recommend aiming for half your body weight in ounces of water, plus drinking more water for every alcoholic beverage you have.

2. Pack high-protein snacks you enjoy! This will ensure you have some balanced options on-hand to keep you full between meals and other vacay activities. Protein snacks help you avoid overdoing it at meals out. This also helps with tough choices to and from your destination (i.e. avoiding fast food) and keeping your protein intake high to keep your metabolism up!

3. Pack cute walking shoes 👟 because walking is the best way to explore new places AND help you with your weight loss goals. No gym? No problem! By walking, you could enjoy some sights while getting your steps in. Make them cute for all the vacation pictures you’ll be taking!⠀

4. Have a loose plan for how you’ll stick to your calorie and serving size goals while eating out. Most of the time on vacation, you eat out for almost every meal. It’s challenging to watch your calories while eating out, but it can be done! It starts with a plan for what you can realistically do and then sticking with it! Want tips on ordering out at restaurants? Check out my post here OR download my full guide to ordering at restaurants for weight loss here.

5. Focus on stress-reduction. Reducing stress is extremely beneficial for your weight loss goals! I know plenty of past and current clients that lost weight on vacation just because they were able to get away from their regular life stressors. Go to a spa, spend time outdoors, read an uplifting book, listen to the sounds around you and be present. Remember that what you do for your mind will have a positive impact on your body!

Remember that weight MAINTENANCE on vacation is still a huge win. Most of the time, we expect to gain weight on vacation because we expect to overindulge in food and beverages, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Simply maintaining your hard work while relaxing can be very beneficial!

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