How Non-Scale Victories Can Help You on Your Weight Loss Journey

If you’re just starting on a weight loss journey, been at it for awhile, or just looking to focus more on your overall health, then you need to hear about non-scale victories! 

All this buzz here recently about non-scale victories, but what are they anyway…? So glad you asked 😉

Wayyyy too often a lot of women automatically think that their health and fitness success directly correlates with the number they see on the scale. But the number on the scale most definitely DOES NOT tell the whole story. 

Cue your time to shine, non-scale victories!!!

Non-scale victories are steps along your journey that prove your efforts aren’t a waste and that you’re making progress that’s independent of your weight. Non-scale victories can be extremely helpful in reminding yourself that even if the number on the scale isn’t moving (or even if it is), your new habits are definitely having a positive effect in more ways than one!

Non-scale victories are definitely a helpful tool to use when you’re feeling discouraged along the way, along with some of these tips! Trust me when I say there are A LOT of non-scale victories you can choose to focus on if you’re finding yourself in a rut when it comes to your goals.

These are some of my favorites that you need to add to your list ASAP!

  • Increased Energy: Noticing more energy after changing your nutrition and exercise habits may be one of the best non-scale victories there is and a great way to keep up motivation and recognize that you’re killing it! Plus, who doesn’t love feeling more energetic to do all the things you love?!
  • Improved Sleep: Better sleep is such an important non-scale victory to recognize because improved sleep is going to help improve so many other aspects of your life. Good sleep is key to any successful weight loss journey!
  • Clothes Fitting More Comfortably: Who’s with me that there’s nothing like feeling your absolute best when your fav pair of pants fit like a glove?! Even if the scale hasn’t moved, noticing a difference in how your clothes fit is a good sign that your new habits are making a difference!
  • Better Quality Workouts: Improved endurance, speed, or strength are something you should be CELEBRATING regardless of the number on the scale! There’s nothing like completing a workout and feeling like a CHAMP when that same workout would’ve exhausted you just a few weeks earlier so chalk that up as a win!

Here are some less popular non-scale victories you might have missed!

  • Regular Digestion: This is definitely a WIN when it comes to improved nutrition and deserves to be celebrated, especially if this was an area you previously struggled with! Regular digestion means you’re including foods that will help keep your body and mind happy 🙂
  • No More Food Guilt: Eating foods your old self labeled as “bad” WITHOUT feeling guilty and still reaching your goals is the best kind of feeling and we’re here for it!
  • Reduced Hunger: Not feeling hungry after improving your nutrition and health habits is a great sign that you’re fueling your body well and those habits are working 😉 If you’re noticing decreased cravings for foods you used to kill for, that’s a great sign that what you’re doing is working!
  • Enjoying Your Food and Exercise: Actually ENJOYING your food and exercise is a huge victory, especially if you’re someone who has been miserable and bored following planned diets or workout regimens in the past! Busy Gal Nutrition believes in helping you reach your goals while learning and enjoying the process that gets you there so you don’t need us forever!

There are a lot of ways to measure success on your weight loss journey. In fact, you might already be focusing on some non-scale victories of your own that I didn’t mention.

Either way, remember that it’s important to make sure you’re measuring your success in more ways than one… *cough* not just the scale *cough*… because how you choose to measure your success can ultimately make or break reaching your goals!

In the Busy Gal Nutrition coaching program, we help you focus on all your successes along the way to help keep you motivated and reach your goals, because an individualized approach is what some busy gals need most! If you feel you need some help reaching those goals you’ve been working on for awhile, just head to this page to learn more about one-on-one coaching with one of our Registered Dietitian coaches and book a call to talk with us! 

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