How to STOP self-sabotaging your weight loss journey

Plans for this weekend?? I hope you have lots of FUN planned! But are you going to start over again on Monday and tell yourself you need more discipline? Do you find yourself self-sabotaging  your weight loss journey on the weekends? If you’re looking for ways to stop self-sabotaging your weight loss journey, my solution may surprise you. 
You don’t need more self-discipline to stop self-sabotaging and finally weight loss see results. You need more FUN so you’ll stop burning out!
Let me know if this is you: you’re perfect all week long, so dedicated, so focused on your nutrition and fitness, so goal-oriented. And then the weekend hits and everything goes to hell.

I get it. Maybe if you could just be perfect all the time, you’d see results, right?


You’re not self-sabotaging on the weekends and holidays because you’re a failure.

You’re self-sabotaging because you need some fun.

As a fellow type-A perfectionist and goal-oriented female, you can trust me when I say this: the harsh deadlines and goals you set for your business, career, and team do not apply to your body and health.

Your body and brain and cannot be manipulated like your Google calendar: perfectly color-coordinated, time-blocked, managed to a T.

Your needs are far more complex than that.

The key to stop self-sabotaging your weight loss journey is to make the journey a lot more fun and less picture-perfect.

If you had some FUN during the week, you wouldn’t feel the need to totally let loose as soon as you get a break from the systems and rules you’ve put in place for yourself.

You overdo it on the weekends because adults need fun too.

So before you let the food guilt creep in and tell yourself whatever mean thing you usually tell yourself after letting loose on the weekends, think about this: what if you STOPPED being so hard on yourself and had a little more fun?

As adults, we tend to stop doing activities we enjoy and food becomes our only source of fun. This is LAME, but true.

This weekend I challenge you to think about more FUN and less pressure on yourself to be perfect. It really will work out in your favor 🙂
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You don't need more self-discipline to see results. You need more fun so you'll stop burning out

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