How to Start a Weight Loss Journey

Do you want to start losing weight, but don’t know how? I know you really want results quickly, and you’re a go-getter, but DON’T change your entire lifestyle in one day! Continue reading to figure out where and how to start a weight loss journey that works for you!

If you’re just getting started on your journey, or you feel like you’ve been way off-track, start with not overwhelming yourself.⠀Often, I see busy women try to run before they walk, meaning they change everything all at once and make it nearly impossible to keep up. Changing 1 habit at a time can make all the difference without wearing you out. Follow these three steps to start with what really matters first.

1. Create awareness:

without making any changes, log all your food and drinks for 3 days! What do you notice? Sometimes, we tend to forget all the “extra” things that we eat and drink that add up. Or we could eat a lot less fruits and veggies than we’d like! Maybe you drink your calories without realizing 🤷‍♀️ use a written food journal, the notes in your phone, or my fitness pal!⠀

2. Assess your obstacles:

what’s getting in your way to achieving your goals? What could knock you off-track? What are some ways you could overcome these things or diminish them a little? If you can see them coming, maybe they won’t be as damaging! ⠀

3. Pick ONE thing to work on for the next week that will create lasting habit change:

this is so huge. Too often we get “motivated” to change it all. But this leads to overwhelm, feeling too restricted, beating yourself up for not being perfect, and probably lots of wasted food and money on supplements. I’ve been there 🙋‍♀️ say no to overwhelm and perfectionism!!! Pick one thing that you’re really excited about and make it a habit for a week or two.⠀
Instead of searching for the “perfect” plan or “perfect” time, get started today with these 3 easy steps!!! Sometimes we get stuck on how to start a weight loss journey instead of just starting! You’re already on your way 💕

How to Start a Weight Loss Journey

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