How to build your weekly grocery list for weight loss

If you’re just beginning a weight loss journey, shopping for groceries can feel very stressful. These days, there are a million options when it comes to “health food.” Where should you even begin? How much food should you buy? Do you have to buy all healthy foods or is there room for a treat in the cart? The most important thing when you begin a weight loss journey is having what you need on-hand and actually enjoying it too!  Here are 3 helpful tips to build your weekly grocery list for weight loss.

Tip #1: Start small and simple

Trying to take on too much at the start can cause even more stress around your weight loss journey. You may feel a pressure to plan every single meal and try all new recipes. DON’T. Starting small and simple can often lead to the most powerful impact. Plan 1 breakfast, 1 lunch and 2 dinners for the week. Let the ingredients do the work for you. If you buy 2 pounds of chicken breast, try to use it in your chicken salad at lunch and your fajitas at dinner. Stretching ingredients is a way to plan meals easily and get the most for your money. Also, don’t forget a snack or two! The more you shop for weight loss, the easier it will become!

Tip #2: Only get foods you are actually excited to eat!!

You may have an idea of what healthifying your diet looks like. Maybe you think you have to give up all things delicious and munch on kale 24/7 in order to lose weight. This is not the case! Buying healthy, balanced food that makes you excited when meal time comes around is a very important tool that will help you succeed. So, do not stock up on a bunch of veggies you hate and expect to feel inspired about your next meal. Instead, work to tweak the habits you’ve already created for yourself. For example, if your favorite meal is pasta with meat sauce, try a chickpea pasta with a no-sugar-added sauce and a lean ground beef or turkey! Healthy swaps can keep your taste buds satisfied and your body on the fast road to weight loss. 

Tip #3: Get a few small treat options to have in moderation. Every gal needs treats and I teach you exactly how to fit these in with my nutrition coaching program. Having treats on-hand is crucial, so you can enjoy them in moderation and not go crazy thinking about that ice cream sandwich. Weight loss does not mean eliminating all things yummy from your diet! This approach will only leave you feeling deprived, defeated, and ready to throw in the towel. Instead, have one or two treat options that you can feel good about incorporating into your routine! Feeling like you have the power to indulge in your favorite foods is essential in owning your weight loss journey. After all, the goal is to create healthful habits to last a lifetime. 

Don’t expect yourself to be perfect and eat completely different right off the bat! This grocery list for weight loss is about making small changes. In my nutrition coaching program, we set 2-3 small goals at a time and this is more effective than completely overwhelming yourself. You’ll see a change in no time, but building habits is the way that you’ll get long-lasting results. 

How to build your weekly grocery list for weight loss

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