3 Easy Ways to Fix Your Broken Metabolism

Is your metabolism broken? I commonly hear from busy women that they feel their metabolism is “slow” or non-existent, which leads to their struggles to lose weight or keep it off! And I understand the desire to look for ways to “fix” your broken metabolism. With these three easy ways to fix your broken metabolism, you’ll be feeling tip top in no time! 

But first…. 

The Right Questions to Ask about Metabolism

So, you are wondering about your metabolism and all the “experts” on the internet seem to leave you more confused than ever. Well, how about we explore a bit into metabolism and start asking the RIGHT questions? These may include: 

  • Do I NEEDE to fix my metabolism? 
  • What affects the speed of my metabolism? 
  • How can I use what I know to fix my metabolism?
  • Why should I think about my metabolism?

All of these questions not only help you to understand metabolism and your body better, but can help you determine the right course of ACTION to take! Your metabolism doesn’t disappear… but it DOES impact your life! 

Understanding how it works and how it can change throughout your life can help you to reach your weight loss goals.

And once we understand a little more about our metabolism, we can start taking ACTION to FIX it for the better! 

Do I need to fix my metabolism?

Let’s get one thing straight: 

Your metabolism is NOT broken and NEITHER ARE YOU. 

Got it? Good! 

Here’s why this is true: your metabolism is an automatic system of biochemical and natural processes in your body. It adapts and responds to your life in order to keep you alive. If your metabolism was truly broken, well, you probably wouldn’t be able to be concerned about it! 

So why are all the “experts” telling you that your metabolism is broken and providing all the magic ways to fix it? Because they are preying on your lack of knowledge on how to change your metabolism for the better by yourself! 

Because of this, I am here today to give you ALL THE DEETS on how to “fix” your metabolism and what your metabolism really means! 

Before we get to the “3 easy fixes” let’s make sure we understand how our metabolism really works. Sound good?

What affects the speed of my metabolism?

By eating, breathing, and moving, your metabolism is involved in every movement of your daily life, even while you are sitting on the couch! 

Metabolism works by providing nutrients and energy from the digestion of the food you eat. This is in order to regulate the exchange of oxygen in your lungs (how you breathe) and provide energy (in the form of ATP and nutrients) to your muscles (in order to move!). 

The speed of your metabolism is affected by the availability of nutrients in your body and your body’s ability to use these nutrients. Nutrients are used for its processes such as moving muscles and bones, thinking clearly and quickly, and even your ability to lose or gain weight! 

Your metabolism is the key to your body’s survival… and it’s impacted by your body’s ability to be resilient to stress and do whatever it takes to continue surviving. 

Remember, humans are built to SURVIVE. This means that your metabolism will inherently change according to what you do in life, your current physical activity level, and even what you feed it, all in order to keep surviving. As a result, all of the following affect the rate of your metabolism: 

  • Your current overall daily energy levels (intake vs output)
  • The level of stress you are currently experiencing
  • The availability of energy and nutrients in your body (how much food you are eating)
  • Your current physical activity level and type of exercise

Keeping these in mind, you now can see that standard activities in your daily life all affect the rate of your metabolism! We won’t get into specifics of each of these examples here, but we will learn more by moving onto the 3 easy fixes to your metabolism!

3 Easy Ways to Fix Your Metabolism

How can I use what I know to fix my metabolism?

Believe it or not, your metabolism is constantly evolving and changing in order to keep you alive and surviving! Since you now know that the activities in your daily life affect your rate of metabolism, you may now be wondering how you can personally change it? 

Like I mentioned before, your metabolism isn’t broken. 

But can we give it an easy fix to fine tune it to become more efficient? Absolutely!

Here’s the 3 easy daily fixes you can use to boost your metabolism: 

  1. Stop trying magic!
  2. Lift Stuff
  3. EAT

1. Stop trying magic!

Magic includes: detox tea and supplements, juice cleanses, your best friend’s Optavia shakes, etc. Magic promises you QUICK results. 

Unfortunately, these QUICK results end up with LONG TERM damage! Remember, your body is already efficiently programmed from birth to keep you alive. By trying to manipulate it fast, you send your body into a stress (fight or flight) response. 

This ends up activating your metabolism to conserve energy as it tries to figure out what’s going on! As a result, you may see great results first, but they will not last AND they can leave you more frustrated and impact your metabolism’s resiliency for months to come. 

A sluggish metabolism results in unstable energy levels, motivation, and even more of a struggle to lose weight! 

2. Lift Stuff

Metabolism is driven by your body’s need for energy and its efficiency in delivering energy from the time you put food in your mouth to the time you excrete waste or spend that energy with physical activity. 

Your metabolism is also resilient, which means that when stress occurs in life – your immune system can handle it better if you have a healthy, faster metabolism! Lifting stuff, heavy stuff, can help you to efficiently train your muscles to utilize energy and build lean body mass. The higher your lean body mass, the faster and more efficient your metabolism is! 

Strength training is exactly the “lift stuff” I’m talking about. By strength training, your muscles have to adapt to stressors and become more efficient in keeping your bones and joints strong. 

As a result, strength training just twice a week can help your body process stress and waste more efficiently… which helps you lose that stubborn fat!

3. EAT

Regardless of what some “expert” on the internet tells you, your metabolism is highly affected by how much you eat! When you restrict your body the calories or nutrients it needs, your inherent primal brain (which is programmed for survival!) thinks that you are in danger. 

As a result, your natural processes will adapt and slow your metabolism so that you can conserve energy. This can result in lower energy levels, higher fat stores, and most frustratingly: bloating and the number on the scale going up! 

By keeping a consistent intake of food to fuel your body, you also help fuel your metabolism and keep it running like a well-oiled machine. Eating for your metabolism includes not skipping meals, eating breakfast or snacks, and providing your body with nutrient and protein rich foods!

All 3 of these “easy daily fixes” are a great way to help you boost your metabolism.  

Why should I think about my metabolism?

Most importantly, your metabolism keeps you alive! 

Additionally, your metabolism can help you lose weight more efficiently and for the LONG TERM. With a healthy metabolism, you become more resilient to stress in your life and less likely to become detoured in your weight loss journey! 

Not convinced that you can improve your metabolism by implementing these 3 easy daily fixes? Reach out here! I’d love to discuss how my nutrition coaching can help us come up with a plan to boost your metabolism together. 

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