Introducing the brand new Busy Gal Blueprint Course which will provide everything you need to successfully start your weight loss journey in one complete, step-by-step course.

Get Everything you need to get started on your weight loss journey for the LAST time!

  • Stop guessing! Learn step-by-step to help you confidently know where to start and take action immediately
  • Save time and avoid BAD weight loss advice!
  • Stop searching for the answers and focus on living your LIFE
  • Have confidence in yourself, start to improve your energy and mindset around your health and eating habits, improve your relationships, and no longer feel alone in this journey
  • Stay motivated in a private community that invites you to share your journey and hear stories from other women you can relate to and get inspiration from!
  • Stay accountable and on-track by posting your homework progress, wins, and questions in a supportive environment that’s always excited to hear from you
  • Feel empowered and excited about your journey instead of overwhelmed or discouraged
  • Never diet again!

Meet your coach! My name is Laura Gaston and I want YOU to stop dieting! I’m a registered dietitian and nutrition coach, and I work with busy women all over the country to help them reach their weight loss goals safely and sustainably without giving up their favorite foods, and by transforming how they view food and dieting as a whole.

Laura Gaston

The Busy Gal Blueprint Course was designed to help busy women just like you:

  • Don’t know how to get started on your weight loss journey? This course provides a step-by-step guide for starting and gives you all the tools along the way to personalize every step to fit your needs
  •  Tired of not having a support system for your weight loss goals? This course has a built-in support system through the private group discussion feed that comes with it, but we’ll also cover how to get your loved ones onboard with your journey and fabricate other support systems in your life so that you’ll feel more supported than ever before 
  • Don’t know how to lose weight without a diet or meal plan? I’m going to walk you through setting calorie and macronutrient goals that plan for your favorite foods. We’ll discuss how to take what you are already doing and make small changes over time, plus how to estimate portion sizes to build your perfect plate. No meal plan needed!
  • Hate wasting time and feeling miserable trying and failing at diets? We will cover potential obstacles and struggles in your journey upfront so that we can prepare for them, but we’ll also make sure this is something that truly works for YOU so this is the LAST time you ever start a weight loss journey

So, what’s included in the Busy Gal Blueprint course?

  • Module 1: Setting up your mindset, confidence, and expectations for success

  • Module 2: Defining success and your non-scale victories

  • Module 3: Getting your support systems in place

  • Module 4: Measuring Success

  • Module 5: Starting Calorie Goals

  • Module 6: Macronutrients and Mistakes to Avoid

  • Module 7: Deciding Your Non-Negotiables and Planning Your Week

  • Module 8: Next Steps and What to do When Progress Stalls

  • Bonus Content

Special Bonuses for Busy Gal Blueprint Students!
More support to ensure your lasting success!

  • Private student-only discussion board and 4 group calls: Ask questions, get more motivation, support, inspiration, and accountability from other students. Bonus live trainings from Coach Laura to ensure your success. Share and learn from others every step of the way so you are not in this alone!
  • Downloadable worksheets, goal-tracker, and weekly meal-planner: Create your personalized plan and take notes as you go so you can set goals and apply what you learned immediately! Use the goal-tracker and meal-planning calendar to win every week.
  • Portion-sizing guide and packable lunches guide: Understand portions of each nutrient and how to build your balanced plate to feel full and energized while losing weight! Sample meal ideas included for building your balanced plate with ease and confidence. For fast meal-prep on busy work days, use the balanced lunch ideas you can easily pack up and bring without feeling bored with your food.

But here's the catch....

None of this will work for you if you don’t do the work. Unfortunately, I can’t do the work for you. I can’t promise you any results for the work you DIDN’T do. BUT I can promise you everything you need to get started on a weight loss journey without restriction is in this program. Everything you need to make meaningful changes, prepare for obstacles in the journey, and get your mind right for lasting weight loss is provided. The support you need to stay on-target is in the private discussion group and 4 bonus training calls, and I WILL be checking in on you!! All you need to do is apply everything we discuss by completing the homework after each module, participate in the group discussion, and use all the tools provided!

I believe in order to get results that LAST, your health and weight loss journey is a long-term commitment. This is NOT a short-term fix. This course is for you if you….

  • Are ready to ditch short-term diet fixes that DON’T work
  • Want to lay the foundation for your health and success by taking the best care of your body and mind

  • Want to learn how to get results that LAST

  • Are ready to GAIN energy and focus that diets were stealing from you

  • Are ready to STOP searching the internet for the answers and feeling confused about what to eat

  • Want to fit in all your favorite foods, including sweets and carbs!

  • Want to be supported on your journey and be a part of a community that is working on the same things you are

  • Want to stop stressing about being healthy

  • Want to learn how to build your own meal plan with confidence

Busy Gal Blueprint Course

Everything you need to successfully start your weight loss journey in one complete, step-by-step course.
$ 397
10-week program
  • 4 group coaching calls for accountability, Q+A, and examples to help ensure your success on all lessons. Value= $700
  • 8 course modules for guided lessons with immediate application to your life. Value= $400
  • All bonus content: downloadable worksheets, goal-tracker, weekly meal-planner, portion-sizing guide and packable lunches guide for easy, fast solutions to make this journey totally your own. Value= $300
  • Group discussion feed for accountability, encouragement, support, and problem-solving. Value= $300
  • No longer dietiting or searching for the answers= priceless.
  • Total value= $1700. Your spot in this first round is $397